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Serenity Golf Club

About The Course

"As I walked through the Poplar trees deciding if this would be a great place for a golf course. I was startled.  Then I glanced over to find a large Bull Moose making his way through the trees.  He stopped and stared at me.  We both spent a few moments, each deciding our next move.  There was a moment of great tension as we sized each other up.  A few seconds passed which seemed like five minutes.  He made the first move, picking up his feet high as he maneuvered through the long grass, dancing his way through the trees. In that moment we had our name --- "Dancing Bull".

Scott Atkinson, CEO
Play Golf Calgary

Dancing Bull is a challenging 18 with the course carving its way in and out of 50-foot high Aspen / Poplar forest.  Some holes challenge even the straightest of shots.  The rest of the 18 is balanced with some generous landing areas and some open spaces.  We purchased one of the largest tree moving trucks you can buy.  A truck big enough to move mature 20 foot Spruce, Aspen, Pine, Ash, and many others.  These trees frame each hole and compliment the natural Poplars that have been there for decades.  
Every detail of Dancing Bull was thought through by renowned architect Gary Browning.  The fairways flow with a subtle but noticeable movement from tee to green.  The greens open up from the prime landing areas in the fairway, with just enough bunkers to make you think twice about your strategy and club selection.  The greens roll with subtle breaks that members and regulars will navigate having a "one up" over first-time visitors on which way putts will slide.
Every care was taken to preserve the natural wetlands that grace the property, fairways and greens will hug these wetlands as they flow around the natural grasses.
We look forward to sharing Dancing Bull with you. The perfect place to create new memories with your friends!

Course Layout

Dancing Bull takes up the North half of the property with 30 acres of natural poplar trees and over a dozen natural wetlands. You will see the course on the right of the map below with the numbers in white. The course naturally progresses in difficulty with the first few holes being nice and wide allowing for a few errant warm-up drives. Once you hit the 6th hole your game better be ready to be tested as the holes crescendo nicely to the difficult 13th where a straight long drive is needed to make a good score.