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Monty's Rut

Monty's Rut starts on 11 and ends on 13. This is where we first encountered Monty the Bull Moose. With a glint in his eye, he hoofed the fescue, snorted, and he ran off. We knew it was not going to be over. Monty's Rut ended up being the 3 most diabolical holes on the course.

"As I walked through the Poplar trees deciding if this would be a great place for a golf course. I was startled. Then I glanced over to find a large Bull Moose making his way through the trees. He stopped and stared at me. We both spent a few moments, each deciding our next move. There was a moment of great tension as we sized each other up. A few seconds passed which seemed like five minutes. He made the first move, picking up his feet high as he maneuvered through the long grass, dancing his way through the trees. In that moment we had our name --- "Dancing Bull".

Scott Atkinson, CEO
Play Golf Calgary